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The 7 Skills

7 Skills students need for their future:

This Video explains the skills students will need in the future as argued by Dr. Tony Wagner on He points out that in today’s digital age, the “Net generation” is, among other things, accustomed to instant gratification and use of the web for extending friendships, interest-driven, self-directed learning; and are constantly connected, creating, and multitasking in a multimedia world—everywhere except in school. Why is this so? In order to motivate and teach this generation, the school system must be reinvented to be accountable for what matters most. That means to do the work–teaching, learning, and assessing–in new ways and that new ways is by incorporating Technology into the lessons. To use the available tools to create, be innovative, and proactive for a better future.

Tally Tots

Something to share. I stumbled upon this video on YouTube called TallyTots.

It is an interactive counting game has some cool activities that has action turned into numbers and engages children’s learning, making them fun. They’ll learn how to count one to twenty through a variety of well planned activities; whether it’s feeding the chipmunks, racing cars around the tracks, or picking apples, there is always a number element. Children can associate numbers through the audio and visual cues with sounds and with the kid-friendly navigation it makes it easy to return to their favorite numbers.

This activity allows frequent repetition that teaches children how to count with positive verbal reinforcement for completed tasks that gives children the feeling of accomplishment for being able to complete the task. It’s kinda fun for kids and an easy way to understand counting and numbers.

So many other applications available online especially on YouTube, and children these days may easily be self-taught just by browsing and watching fun online tutorials on “how to do’s”. Hope you do find this useful.

Genius Baby Takes Selfie

This YouTube video is very funny. It depicts the vast growth of children and technology (of cause this is not real) but I can somewhat relate this to my nephew and nieces who are a year old and enjoys Selfies. Children learn to manipulate gadgets faster than they could say cheese.

These days toys are much advanced and mostly have some element of technology unlike they toys I used to create using natural resources out of my backyard. Times have changed. Hope you enjoy this short clip.

Watch “Teaching in the 21st Century” on YouTube

This video will make you ponder. Are we teachers’ obsolete in the 21st Century teaching? With all the information made available online for students to learn, it seems like we teachers’ are losing our role? Don’t you think so? Well, not unless we teach them how to use all these tools available. How to think when they are in a situation; what do they do? It’s about being adaptable to technology and using them appropriately. But, as a teacher, are we ready with adequate knowledge and training to provide students’ with the best learning experience possible? Are we Technology Literate or illiterate? Think about it!

The Future Starts Now

The YouTube Video is very interesting. It has given me an inspiration to do my online Artefact based on this. It is a realization that education and technology plays a very important role for our children to have a better, brighter and successful future. We should start making a change now. A worthwhile investment.


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