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“2025 The Future of ICT”

This video may just be the future that we will be living in in the future. Nothing is impossible. We may even have flying cars like in the Jackson’s Cartoons for all we know.

My journey so far…

I have just completed my assignment two and the journey so far has been rather bumpy for me. It’s a mixed feeling of scared and anxious at the same time. I have learnt more about technology and how ICT is used to enhanced learning in this short time then I ever understood technology in over 10 years. I never liked the time spent sitting in front of the computer trying to figure out many different tools or software or applications, although they make life so much easier,  but i disliked the slow connections or the unfamiliar websites that keep popping up or simply the inability to get my way around technology that made me feel crippled to technology. Although i may complaint about the difficulties or lack of interest but these specific tools I simply can’t live without are…my mobile phone and the television and the microwave oven and of course my camera and maybe a couple of other tools essential to life these days…well anyway, this is just me ranting out after completing my assignments. I do know you may have better views than I do. I’m sure i’ll giggle to myself for having thought ICT was difficult…

I do look forward to my Practical Experiences. Will write more about that journey soon.

5 E Learning Cycle Model

As part of my University assessment, I will be using the 5 E’s learning cycle. As explained in Safee’s blog post, my 5 E’s learning cycle consists of;
1) Engage – Inspire. Motivate. Participate
2) Explore – Child centered exploration of environment & materials
3) Explain – Teacher facilitation of learning concept
4) Extend – Review. Challenge. Differentiate
5) Evaluate – Teacher and child assessment
By using this method, I was able to plan and support students learning as well as ensure that the lessons are well planned, appropriate as well as engaging.


After getting started to do my assignment 2, I found that the use of 5 E Learning Cycle Model is very useful and it make easier to complete the unit plan. We can base our questions based on it. First of all we need to know what is it? and how we can apply it.

Engagement Object, event or question used to engage students.
Connections facilitated between what students know and can do.
Exploration Objects and phenomena are explored.
Hands-on activities, with guidance.
Explanation Students explain their understanding of concepts and processes.
New concepts and skills are introduced as conceptual clarity and cohesion are sought.
Elaboration Activities allow students to apply concepts in contexts, and build on or extend understanding and skill.
Evaluation Students assess their knowledge, skills and abilities. Activities permit evaluation of student development and lesson effectiveness
1-Engagement- Learner has a need to know, therefore, defines questions, issues…

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Montage Maker Resource

This is a creative and useful resource shared by Mel. Hope you’ll find this useful too.

Genius Baby Takes Selfie

This YouTube video is very funny. It depicts the vast growth of children and technology (of cause this is not real) but I can somewhat relate this to my nephew and nieces who are a year old and enjoys Selfies. Children learn to manipulate gadgets faster than they could say cheese.

These days toys are much advanced and mostly have some element of technology unlike they toys I used to create using natural resources out of my backyard. Times have changed. Hope you enjoy this short clip.

TPACK Aproach

This is a TPACK Approach that is widely used by teachers for planning their everyday activities in the classroom. I believe my fellow classmates agree that this approach is useful too just as shared by Safee and Davala.


All these days I didn’t know what TPACK approach is and how important it is for our teachers. After I attend to my EDC3100 class I became know what is TPACK approach, and the use of it. Technological pedagogical and content knowledge is highly important for educators, because TPACK approaches goes beyond seeing these three knowledge bases in isolation. TPACK also emphasizes the new kinds of knowledge that lie at the intersections between them, representing four more knowledge bases teachers applicable to teaching with technology.




After getting to know what is called TPACK approach, I find it very helpful for my teaching. By using the TPACK approach we can find the technological knowledge in our context, pedagogical knowledge in our context, also we can look at our context (what kind of school that I will be teaching. Also we can include our own teaching methodologies in it. Therefore…

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Watch “Teaching in the 21st Century” on YouTube

This video will make you ponder. Are we teachers’ obsolete in the 21st Century teaching? With all the information made available online for students to learn, it seems like we teachers’ are losing our role? Don’t you think so? Well, not unless we teach them how to use all these tools available. How to think when they are in a situation; what do they do? It’s about being adaptable to technology and using them appropriately. But, as a teacher, are we ready with adequate knowledge and training to provide students’ with the best learning experience possible? Are we Technology Literate or illiterate? Think about it!

The extreme effects of Perspective and Experience on the way our brain works

Learning Blog of Davecapill

As part of EDC3100 today we were given a super interesting task that taught us about the effects of our perspective and experience on the way our brain works and how we think. This notion is known as Schema and was explored by theorist Paiget. I found the task very revealing and thought provoking:

– What effect does schema have on specific subject knowledge (I.e. English to non-english speakers, HPE to those exposed or not exposed to sport, Mathematics, etc)

– If schema has such a huge effect on the way we think, how can teachers discover, monitor, and effect children schema as they come to a new subject area, learning activity 

The task involved filling in the following paragraph (fill the gaps):

The questions that p________ face as they raise ch________ from in_________ to adult are not easy to an _________. Both f______ and m________ can become concerned when…

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My Experience

I never knew doing what looks like a very simple assignment could be quite tough for me. I went through a lot of pressure for no particular reason but yet still felt I have not given my best. Maybe the perfectionist in me knowing it is not my forte’ gave me anxiety. Not too sure how I will fair this time round but I sure did learn a lot from this experience. I learnt how to create a website and a Prezi. I will still learn to use these tools for future.

Inspiring Learners through ICT

Here is my online Artefact I have created outlining the use of ICT in Teaching for Special Needs and Inclusion Classroom.

I have also created a Prezi but was unable to attached this to my website.

Thank you.

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